Alabama Private Investigator

Alabama private investigator – committed to your needs and satisfaction. It is our goal to become your premier investigative & research company for Birmingham, Alabama. To that end, your Alabama private investigator will go “all out” to satisfy your needs. “Any time you need us, Any where you need us to go, Any way you want it done.” When you explore our site you’ll find out more about how we’re dedicated to you.

AL Investigations is your best choice:

• Alabama private investigator – licensed & insured.
• Your satisfaction is our first priority.
• Integrity, Trust, Accountability.

When you need to know the facts

With the combined experience of our partners, we offer you a variety of services for insurance, attorney, business, and individual clients throughout Alabama and the South.

These include, but aren’t limited to, video surveillance, locating and interviewing a witness, court research, and background screening . If you need information in the South, you need an Alabama private investigator to make sure you get what you need.

Placing you, the client, first

Our mission is to satisfy you. Period. Not only do we believe this is the right thing to do, this is also the best way for AL Investigations to become the best private investigation agency in Birmingham, Alabama.

We will do everything we can to document every step of your investigations. If we can’t document it, you aren’t billed for it. That’s important for the relationship of trust that you will have with us. Mileage, hours on surveillance, time in travel, expenses, all these items are meticulously documented.

The way you want it done

Why do we go to such lengths to document the details of your investigations? Because we know that’s the way you want it. Doing it your way is the hallmark of our goal of total customer satisfaction. In other words, if you’re happy… we’re happy.

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it. We don’t want you to think of hiring a competent Alabama private investigator as an expense. When you hire us for investigations, you are making an investment.

What do you mean, “investment”?

That depends on who is hiring the investigator:

Businesses: your investigations are an investment that pays off in loss reduction, better hiring decision, reductions in the potential for workplace violence, and peace of mind.
Alabama private investigator
Attorneys: your investigations are an investment that pays off with increases in your productivity, confidence in your pretrial preparation, better success rates for your cases, maximizes your profitability of your billable hours, and gives you more freedom and time to devote to the practice of law.
Insurance Providers: your investigations are an investment that pays off in reduction of unchecked claimant fraud, recovery of potential losses, and maximizing the profitability of your policies.
People just like you: your investigations can provide reassurance, knowledge, satisfaction, peace of mind, recovery of that which was lost, and justice. While no private investigator can promise you all of these as a result of an investigation, it is always our hope that we’ll be able to deliver them to you, our client.