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Articles and issues related to private investigation. Of interest, hopefully, to private investigators, and those who might need the services of a private investigator. Outside submissions of articles with private investigator information are welcome, although they will be checked for content.

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The private investigator news section has been replaced with a link to the new Private Investigator Blog. A blog is short for weblog, and a weblog is an easy-to-update web page that can contain updates, short-term ideas & thoughts, but will also include any Private Investigator information news articles we can find. It’s also guaranteed to be updated more often.

So, If you like reading other peoples diaries, or just want a peek into the mind of a Private Investigator, then check it out our Private Investigator Blog.

Free Information Reports

Insurance related Private Investigator information:

Workers’ Compensation Red Flags
A handy list of “Red Flags”, indicators that a claim might be fraudulent. Also contains “Red Flags” about suspicious medical care providers & attorneys.

The following provided as a courtesy by:
InfoQuest’s “The Case File” – © 1999 Paul Purcell

The Nature Of Investigations
Information about what you can and cannot expect private investigators to be able to do for you. A realistic summary of the ‘true nature’ of investigations.

Automobile Accident Form
This is a ready-to-print information form in case you should ever have an automobile accident. Please print a copy, fill out the top information, and stow it away in your glove compartment. We hope you’ll never need it, but you’ll be glad you have it if you ever do.

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